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    Links of Interest



    While surfing the net we discovered some interesting web sites.  Some are informational, some are fun, some are of interest to no one but us.  Here they are anyway . . . . . enjoy.


    www.headachefreetravels.com - a great web site with travel tips and cruise tips.  topics cover all cruise lines and many seas / ports of call.  Remember all work and no play made Jack a dull boy, take a week recharge your batteries.


    www.BuyingCarsCheaper.com - I never knew how many ways dealers take advantage of you until I stumbled across this site. You know your going to buy something in the next year or two, check out this site and save your self enough to take a weekend trip to Vegas.  (Here's a tip, bet on "Black 11")


    www.motorcyclehelmet101.com - If you like to ride on the weekends to relieve stress you need a good helmet.  Here is a great source of information on Motorcycle helmets and motorcycle helmet laws.


    www.DuckHunting-101.com - There are few things that will get me up at 3:00 Am but this is one.  This web site has a ton of great information on Duck Hunting in Arkansas as well as Duck Hunting in Texas.  


    www.WineRacks101.com - Tired of storing your collection of bottles on a shelf.  This site has several affordable suggestions on Wine Racks.  Whether you have 6 bottles or 600 you can find a wine rack here.


    www.GolfBallsReviewed.com - Did you know that all balls are not created equal?  This is a good site to give you the details on when to use a specific ball to improve your game.





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