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    Financial Due Diligence Checklist   (Page 2 of 14)

    The following pages contain additional detailed due diligence checklist information that has been compiled from many years of M&A projects.


    1. Audited financial statements for each of the Company for the last three fiscal years, with the auditor’s opinion and all footnotes.
    2. Un-audited financial statements for each of the Company for the most recent month or quarter end.
    3. Comparison of last two (2) years forecasted budgets compared to actual performance.
    4. Copies of the financial packages delivered to management and the Board of Directors of the Company during the past three (3) years.
    5. Detail of capital expenditures for the last three (3) calendar years.
      Receivables aging schedule.
    6. All correspondence between the Company and the Company’s auditors for the last three (3) years.
    7. The Company’s forecast projections for performance for the next three years.




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